13 March 2009

Some (really important) Points to Mull Over.

Here are some quick actions that will make a big difference if each of us does a little bit to bring about change:

Support Single Payer Health Insurance

The Single Payer Health Insurance bill introduced by Rep. John Conyers, H.R. 676, now has 64 co-sponsors! The broad support for Single Payer is shocking Washington's cynical elite. If your Representative is not a co-sponsor, urge him/her to do so today:

Ask President Obama why he's keeping Single Payer Health Insurance "off the table":

Prosecute Bush & Cheney

March 19 is the sixth anniversary of George Bush's invasion of Iraq, a war crime of historic proportions based entirely on deliberate lies. Last week, President Obama declassified some crucial memos by President Bush's lawyer John Yoo which nullified the Bill of Rights and created a legal dictatorship. This week, Seymour Hersh revealed Dick Cheney ran his own Death Squads around the world.

Urge Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint a Special Prosecutor

If you belong to a progressive group, join over 150 groups calling for Prosecution of Former High Officials:

Join protests in the U.S. and around the world throughout the spring, especially around March 19:

Lots of other important actions here:

Rethink Afghanistan

Under pressure from the Pentagon, President Obama will send 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan. Our troops have been there for over seven years, but we're not beating the Taliban and the Pentagon admits it has no strategy for success. Now Afghans are negotiating with the Taliban for peace. A progressive coalition led by Brave New Films wants Congress to hold long-overdue oversight hearings. Watch the videos and sign the petition (scroll down):



Thanks for all you do!
your values. Love your country.
And, remember: TOGETHER, We can make a DIFFERENCE!

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