03 March 2009

Class Warfare: The Rich Strike Back.

The Business Council. The Real Estate Board. The Rent Stabilization Association. Ever hear of these groups? Probably not - they prefer to operate behind the scenes to keep taxes low and rake in the dough. Their latest move is to go on the offensive against the Working Families Party. It's a two pronged assault on our hard work: First, with a political mailing, as reported in the Daily News1, and second with a top-secret political memo written by Montgomery Burns.

That's right. A fictional character from The Simpsons is now crafting strategy for opponents of Fair Share Tax Reform.

It's simple, really. We either fix the tax code so that the wealthiest New Yorkers pay a little bit more, or we ask the middle- and working classes to shoulder the burden. The second choice will mean more crowded classrooms, hospitals closures, an even tougher life for our elderly and disabled citizens and hundreds of other essential public services starved of funds.
We support the first option - shared sacrifice.

On Thursday, we're taking it to the streets. Tens of thousands of New Yorkers will march in cities from Long Island to Buffalo to demand that the wealthy share the burdens of the economic crisis.

Rallies are taking place across the state. Can you attend?

I want the details.
No, I can't make it.

Our campaign is gaining steam, with huge majorities supporting our Fair Share Tax Reform.2 To win though, we need to see you at the rally this Thursday, March 5th. Read what Montgomery Burns has to say about it:

Burns' Memo

Date: 2/26/09
From: Montgomery Burns
To: Fellow Fatcats
Re: Fair Share Tax Reform

Rich people didn't get us into this mess. Ok, maybe we did. But that doesn't change the facts: Taxes are for the little people.
New York is facing a $14 billion budget deficit. To close it, the Governor proposed shutting down hospitals, laying off thousands of teachers and shredding social services. It's a fine plan.

But now, the commoners think they have a better idea. According to our sources, tens of thousands of them will 'rally' across the state demanding that (I can hardly type it!) the rich pay their fair share in taxes instead.

They must be stopped. It's our duty to ensure no one attends or hears about these rallies. We are calling on you, our most loyal supporters, to do all you can to keep attendance down and press coverage nonexistent.

If the media reports that people are angry, their legislators may start asking dangerous questions, like: why does the state's highest tax bracket start at just $20,000 a year?

So, my friends, I'm counting on you. Keep attendance low at the rallies with the help of a media blackout, don't let your chauffeur take the day off, and consider throwing more money at politicians to get them to see things our way.


Montgomery Burns
Billionaires Against Really Fair Taxation (BARF-Tax)

We hope you can join us this Thursday and help defeat Mr. Burns and his corporate lobbyist friends. Either way, let us know:

I want the details.
No, I can't make it.

Thank you,

Charles Lenchner
Director of Online Organizing, WFP

* The rally in Melville, Long Island is taking place on Friday, March 6th.

1 http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/dailypolitics/2009/02/anti-millionaires-tax-mail.html
2 "Voters continue to overwhelmingly support increasing the personal income tax on millionaires - 77-19 percent - to close the budget gap, and 59 percent support an income tax increase on those making more than $250,000 a year," The Siena Institute, 2/24/09 http://www.siena.edu/uploadedFiles/Home/Parents_and_Community/Community_Page/SRI/SNY_Poll/09%20February%20SNY%20Poll%20Release%20--%20Final.pdf


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