04 March 2009

So, What Happened to Transparency and Accountability?

So, What Happened to Transparency and Accountability?

March 4, 2009.

Dear fellow Americans,

On March 5th, President Obama will hold a summit to discuss health care reform -- not one single-payer advocate has been invited to attend, even though the MAJORITY of Americans support a national health plan. Send the President an email TODAY, asking what happened to transparency and accountability?

The Massachusetts-style plan is deeply flawed as is any system with healthcare corporations at the core. Recent Congressional Budget Office (CBO) studies concur. More info here.

While PDA has focused on electing a real single-payer healthcare advocate--Tom Geoghegan--to Congress, some “progressive” organizations have spent the week collecting signatures in order to defeat single-payer healthcare.

“Progressive" healthcare reformers need to decide which side they are on--with patients, doctors, and the majority of Americans, or with the healthcare corporations and their multi-millionaire CEOs. If you want real healthcare reform—HR 676 specifically—please support PDA, and ask your friends and families to support PDA. Please contribute here and pass this message along!

You can bet we won’t be throwing good money after bad for healthcare reform that basically delivers the same type of system we have now—healthcare corporations making decisions based on the bottom-line instead of doctor and patient needs.

PDA and the Leadership Conference for Guaranteed Healthcare urge you to attend a protest at Lafayette Park on March 5 from noon to 1:00 p.m.click here for details.

In solidarity,

Tim Carpenter
National Director,

Laura Bonham,
Deputy Director,

Conor Boylan,
Field Coordinator

P.S. For good measure, please sign the Healthcare NOT Warfare petition.


Thanks for all you do!
your values. Love your country.
And, remember: TOGETHER, We can make a DIFFERENCE!

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