21 February 2008

trans - texas corridor

After first viewing and crying, I had to quickly wipe away my crocodile tears. Next, I Iaughed at the irony of Our present-day situation - and finally, I created this blog. Let me start by asking readers and viewers if they can rightly recall the very same people in charge (by way of financial backing) of the original expansion into and later, of the U.S.? Hint: they belonged to the same circle of groups in charge of orchestrating this Trans-Texas corridor. Yes, those exploitative bankers and the otherwise wealthy elite. Sadly, this really is nothing new.

Perhaps we should have paid closer attention? Because, these individuals had absolutely
NO qualms about stealing this country from its native inhabitants. And later settlers also had NO qualms about doing so either. This is partially because they were brainwashed into believing the Indians were the “enemy”. All the while, it was actually they who were the invaders, the terrorists, as it were. The very idea of "enemies" is often as ridiculous as defining what is art and what isn't. Because both are ever-dependent upon which side people are on. No, the privileged didn’t care about humanity then and they certainly don’t care now, because the profit & loss of money – not people - are the only things which concern this group. When are we going to wake up?

Equally as bad as the outright land stealing was the plan and implementation of prison camps. Is this sounding in any way familiar? Those natives not killed or decimated through biological warfare, were forced into submission on reservations - equal, culturally to the inhabitants forced onto them, to prisons. During which time, bankers and the political policy makers not quite owned by them as now, violated the very human rights set up by them in Our own Constitution by importing a slave labor workforce to rapidly build the U.S. into a competitive power economy. This was done in order to earn "respectable" standing at the international table in order to able to "play ball". They then freely opened Our boarders to “foreigners” - not because they wanted to create a utopia, but because they needed more labor in order to continue building the country and to secure a stronghold, whilst they acquired the rest of the country, piece-by-piece.

They enticed immigrants with free land deals and with the promise of a ‘better life”. These same settlers who came, willfully chose to take part in the extermination and in the cultural decimation of the rightful people of this country. And even though these invaders knew the land belonged to others, they chose to take it anyway. You see, people will believe what's convenient to believe – even if they know it’s a lie. Truth, after all, is more difficult to take. The sardonically amusing part about this situation is all of these angry Texans talking about losing “the land which has been in their family for 200 hundred years” are the descendants of those who originally murdered to seize the very same land. Therefore, they’re only losing the land in which their ancestors was stole in the first place.

A few phrases come to mind. One being, "What goes around comes around." The other? It's from that book many so love to read and has been often quoted, "You reap what you sow." As the veil on false sense of security we've enjoyed for some time is slowly being lifted, we must commit ourselves to some resolute plans.

Now, if Americans don’t start waking up in terrifically rapid speeds of light, there’s no for us whatsoever. But where to begin? Taking a look at the history of our own country is a good start. If we go back, we can uncover the elites’ plans for OUR future (figuring for technology, of course). By examining the treatment and continued disdain of the Native American Indians, we will start to see how they plan on taking care of the rest of us. This is one of reasons why the humane treatment of our prisoners/undesirables is imperative for a healthy society. Today it’s “those (suspected) terrorists” being mistreated and illegally tortured, tomorrow it’s you and me. We need a collective wake up call, since the last 200 years seems to have slipped by unnoticed by the majority.

The trans-Texas corridor isn’t just about erasing boarders between Canada, America and Mexico to create a North American Union. This much We know. The end game is to control the people – WE THE PEOPLE. Cutting off access to rural locations via highways and roads accomplishes several things. By squeezing the life from small townships in this manner, a forced migration of once rural people to more central locations occurs. Because rural areas - and the people in them - are difficult to reach, they are also not easily controllable. Look no further than our own Swamp Fox to understand this. If not for this rural man, some believe We would not have won our sovereignty from the British. This is but one reason why knowledge and education are also extremely important. If We don’t know / understand our past, We’re doomed to repeat the same mistakes. The difference being, the power people are learning from their mistakes and have been fine-tuning their solutions. While the majority - We The People - have preferred to remain ignorant concerning our past. It seems to be our preferred choice to take the "easy path', because it's far easier to forget or to pretend things didn’t happen, or to manipulate events, than it is to learn from mistakes, right?

The time has come for people to wake up, shake it off and to stand together, damnit. It’s not about Black vs. White vs. Hispanic; or Catholics vs. Jews; or Christianity vs. Islam; or Israeli vs. Palestinian. It’s about the Haves vs. Have-Nots’ – PERIOD. And, there are more of US than THEM – a hell of a lot more. They only have power by way of the divide and conquer module. By keeping up the divisiveness, We continue to remain ignorant and therefore are choosing to be willing pawns. We’ve turned into a rather pathetic, lazy, ignorant bunch & that’s just where they want us. Except now, We're in the very same situation as the the First People's of America just a few hundred years ago. We're no longer a nation producing anything. All of our manufacturing has been shipped overseas for more profitable gains - and the People are the only losers in this shift. If We are a nation filled with no longer useful people, what is to be? Who will buy China's junk when people have no employ, or are spending any and all discretionary monies on filling in the ever-increasing gaps of inadequate health care? Or, on fuel to fill their ecologically harmful cars? Or, on the astronomical cost of food? The empire is falling in a way that even Chicken Little can't deny.

The time has come to make some very important decisions. As ridiculously misconstrued as the history of the Civil War has gotten in the fabric of our society, the southern states had the states rights angle correct. While the arguement to protect their right to own people was misguided, they were fighting for STATES RIGHTS – granted under Our Constitution. Losing the right to gain and to keep cession from the Union thus helped begin the systematic dismantling of our nation. Because the United States was initially founded as a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy. It is baffling to think 99% of Americans falsely believe our nation to be a “Democracy”, because this is entirely incorrect. In fact, the "founding father’s" thought the very worst form of government was that of a Democracy and thus spent considerable time and effort coming up with something new and never-before-seen. That "new" was creating a Constitution as the basis for a Constitutional Republic and was truly unique. The true definition of a Democracy is almost exactly the same principal definition of Fascism. And, it was Mussolini himself who said Fascism was not aptly named. He was often quoted always a more appropriate name would be a Corporatization.This is the position from which America now stands. We are no longer a Constitutional Republic, have moved from a Democracy and are now a bona-fide Corporatacracy.

Do you think the dismantling of America's Constitution - the very basis of our governing laws - has just been one huge mistake? If one tears down the foundation upon which an entire country is based and one purposefully and systematically dumbs - down a population by mis-education and abject propagandizing for long enough, People begin to believe the lies and mis-truths. Then, the truth actually becomes a lie. Orwell said it best, “In a time of revolution, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.". Under the Constitution - and because there was never an amendment passed - We’re not supposed to pay any taxes not equally apportioned. In other words, the Federal income tax is rendered unconstitutional and is therefore Constitutionally invalid. 100% of our federal taxes go toward paying the interest on the money Our government borrows from private bankers to print our own money. End the FED time is SINCE 1913 OVERDUE! The U.S. dollar is officially fiat - and not the zippy little Italian sports car variety either, folks. The gold and silver markets are being manipulated. All the Kings horses and all the King's men soon will not be able to put dear old Humpty - Dumpty back together again.

For real CHANGE, We must demand sweeping reform. The politicians are not for the People, they're for people who own them via campaign donation$. It is my hope that through this blog, People will be inspired to create real change. We must Demand campaign finance reform! Our government is NO LONGER a government for the People, it is owned by corporate lobbyists. Demand lobby reform! Get out there and do some research of your own! Start asking yourself questions! Stop believing everything you hear in mainstream media. Create a community organization! Ask yourself why the Patriot Act - under the cover of night and secrecy - was passed with such rapid-fire expediency? The Patriot Act is certainly not protecting US, it’s protecting THEM. As a matter of fact, America is less safe since its passing than today. But this hasn't stopped Bush & co. from using it as a manipulator's ruse to systematically strip Our Constitutional Rights for Our own "protection". No, the Patriot Act allowed over 16 of our Constitutional Rights to be TAKEN – poof! Just like that. We reside in a homeland - a word not used since Adolf Hitler. The dismantling of our Constitution has been a slow, but steady operation. However, if We don’t do something – and SOON - there will be no more Constitution and we will truly live in a “Democracy”.

“The Constitution? That’s just a god damned piece of paper.” ~ George W. Bush, 2007.

But remember, without realization, “None are more helplessly enslaved than those who believe they are free.” - Goethe.

The question being, what will YOU do to make yourself part of the solution? That is the definition of a true Patriot. Enjoy!


Thanks for all you do!
Live your values. Love your country.
And, remember: TOGETHER, We can make a DIFFERENCE!

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