10 February 2010

Letter to Keith Olbermann

This is video of heinous condition at Pine Ridge S.D.:

Greetings Mr. Olbermann,

I am so very pleased to share with you on this Wednesday, Indian Country has heard you, loud and clear, these past two nights.

Your first piece, airing, Mon., February 8th,"World's Worst Person" with an award going to The U.S. Senate Committee, was sheer brilliance. We cross posted your video on facebook immediately after airtime. We are listening. Mr. Olbermann, I wish to inform you, sir, for some weeks, through social networking and many, have been taking part in varying initiatives in attempts to gain national media attention as well as Federal aid and relief. I am unhappy to say we have fallen short, as far as media is concerned. You, Mr. Olbermann are the first to broadcast.

On Friday, January 28th, we began calling CNN in Atlanta at 5 pm EST and within 30 minutes, there was a helicopter seen flying over Pine Ridge and CNN promised us a story. This resulted in a measly 20 sec. spot on HLN 5 days later not on Pine Ridge, but on Cheyenne River.

Joseph Brings Plenty messaged me last Saturday by via facebook, stating that the Cheyenne River Sioux are 99% recovered from the latest storm to strike. This is by no means an answer, simply said, Joseph is considering the dire, emergency state of his relations at Pine Ridge, S.Dakota.

Mr. Olbermann, there is a list of over a hundred families that wait for propane. Sir, these are the fortunate. Fortunate in that they can afford, on their average annual $3500 income, to have heat at all.There are many without heat. I have video of meters being pulled of homes occupied by U.S. war vets dying and babies on nebulizers. The above video is by Eric Klein, of can-do.org, as well as documentarian Rick Kline.

Conditions are tragic at best.We are lambasted by visions of Haiti. Well, here are some facts:

- Pine Ridge is second poorest in the Western Hemishere, second only to Haiti.
- This is right here in our own backyard - in the United States of America.

Not only are we in violation of basic human rights here, we're also in violation of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

I have written President Barack Obama six consecutive days and posted those letters to my facebook wall. Though, until your coverage, no one is willing to do anything. My instincts tell me Pine Ridge is taboo, dating back to days of Leonard Peltier's arrest and false imprisonment. I will continue this initiative.

Regardless, the Pine Ridge residents have a crisis situation at hand and, with your help, we can aid the peoples of Pine Ridge. I am currently working with Rick Kline of D.C. and Eric Klein of can-do.org to gather a supply list of emergency goods to be dropped at three sites on the Pine Ridge reservation. This has proven difficult as Eric Klein is on the ground in Haiti and Rick and myself possess no experience in soliciting corporate donations. Heck, I'm just a "white hick" from Boston, but my intent is not to stop till supplies reach my relations and federal aid is sent. I am driving what I am able to load.

Please contact me for any details and facts and people of Pine Ridge I can put you in contact with ie: Autumn TwoBulls, granddaughter of Chief Red Cloud and at mere 29 years secured propane for 100 families and inspired many peoples by way of internet, including the likes of me, "white chick".
Many blessings and thanks Mr. Olbermann for hearing our cries.

Migwetch~Mitakuye Oyasin ~ We are All Related

The Reverend RavenHawk Ruane -Hasak
111 Washington St.
Topsfield, MA 01983


As of Monday, February 8th, a call to the U.S. Committee on Indian Affairs helped explain that, in order to get funds, South Dakota's state senators need to take action.
The phone answerer explained this would not be happening if it was occurring in another place, such as California, Washington, Virginia or any of the east coast states currently getting hammered by winter storms. The S.D. state senator's numbers are provided below Please know that the office will take note even if callers are not from the state.

Though nothing can be done until a statewide state of emergency is declared, according to the man who answered the phone at the U.S. Committee on Indian Affairs, a senator can make that happen. The more people who call the better - it is most effective if callers are polite, but firm.
S. Dakota Senators: Tim Johnson: 202 224 5842 / John Thune: 202 224 2321



Thanks for all you do!
Live your values. Love your country.
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