02 March 2009

Health Care Now: Lobbyists Aiming to Torpedo Obama's Reform

March 2, 2009

Dear fellow Americans,

DC lobbyists from the health care industry are already mobilizing to delay or kill President Obama's plans for health care reform. From the Wall Street Journal:

Industries from health care to agribusiness to mining that stand to lose under President Barack Obama's policy agenda are ramping up lobbying campaigns to derail or modify his plans.1

MoveOn.org launched a petition last week to Congress, telling them, "Don't let the insurance lobbyists delay health care any longer. In this economic crisis, we can't afford NOT to pass quality, affordable health care for all this year."

They're looking to get to 250,000 signatures before President Obama's health care summit at the White House on Thursday.2

Can you take a moment and sign the petition?

With your help, we'll make sure Congress knows the people don't want lobbyists to derail health care reform.
To your health,

Health Care for America Now

1. "Lobbyists Line Up to Torpedo Speech Proposals," The Wall Street Journal, February 26, 2009

2. "Obama to hold health care summit next week," AFP, February 24, 2009

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