14 April 2009


April 14, 2009.

BEHIND Eliot Spitzer's flaccid attempt at re-erecting his public persona is a plan to run for state attorney general in 2010, sources told Page Six.

After launching a column on Slate.com, and giving interviews to National Public Radio and the "Today" show, the sources say, the disgraced former governor told friends: "My record as governor was disappointing, but the voters will remember my excellent two terms as attorney general."

The sources say Spitzer, forever tarnished as Client No. 9 of a prostitution agency, expects Andrew Cuomo to run for governor next year, leaving open the AG job. Several Democrats are already being mentioned as potential candidates, including Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi and state Assemblymen Richard Brodsky (Westchester) and Michael Gianaris (Queens).

But Spitzer, whose resignation just 13 months ago led to the gubernatorial ascension of hapless David Paterson, might be underestimating the public's memory. Even before Spitzer went on "Today" to resurrect his image as "the sheriff of Wall Street" and discuss his "gremlins," a New York Times column recently referred to him as "that caustic echo of yesteryear."

Noted one longtime observer, "The whole idea of returning to Albany is preposterous. You can't go home again. He's a pariah. It wasn't just the prostitutes -- there was also Troopergate," the use of state troopers to spy on Republican leader Joe Bruno.

Meanwhile, Cecil Suwal, who's scheduled to serve six months in jail for helping run the notorious Emperors Club sex ring, is shopping a memoir to publishers.

In "Inside the Emperors Club: Girls, Greed and the Governor," "She will discuss the frequency with which [Spitzer] used the agency, the amounts of money he spent, and some of the details of the various encounters he had with the girls," her rep said.


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