11 February 2009

Drug Lobbyists & Right-wing Nutcases are Lying to YOU.

Drug companies have teamed up with right-wing ideologues like Rush Limbaugh and Republicans in Congress to fight the health care measures in President Obama's economic recovery package.

They are perpetuating the lie that these measures will "[reduce] options for patients and doctors." [1] Can you help fight back?

Click to call your Members of Congress and tell them not to listen to drug lobbyist lies and keep health care measures in the economic recovery package!

This week, the House and Senate will combine their different versions of the recovery package into one bill to pass and send to the President. The bill likely will include assistance to allow people to keep their health insurance after losing their job (called COBRA) and billions in aid to state Medicaid programs for the uninsured. Another important part of the deal is new investment in health information technology and comparative effectiveness research (a wonky term that just means giving doctors and patients information about what treatments work best).

Conservatives are tearing their hair out, claiming these measures would ration care and limit choice. They're calling on Congress to strip these provisions from the recovery package. And they're being helped by PhRMA and the rest of the drug industry, which has mobilized their army of highly paid Washington lobbyists to oppose these measures, which would cut into their profits. [2]

The only problem? It's all lies. Here's the truth:

  • Health information technology (health IT) would convert paper medical records into electronic records, meaning less medical errors and less time and money spent by your doctor on paperwork
  • Comparative effectiveness research would help doctors and patients understand which therapies work and which don't, which could save your life

There is nothing in the economic recovery legislation that was passed by the House that rations care or makes decisions that are best left to you and your doctor. [3]

Click to call your Members of Congress and tell them you want Health IT, comparative effectiveness research, and health care aid to states in the economic recovery package.

Oh, and another thing. These investments in health care would create thousands of jobs.

Call your Members of Congress and ask them to stand up to drug industry lobbyists and right-wing ideologues!

Thanks for standing up against the lies.

To your health,
Health Care for America Now

Call your Senators!

[1] House Republican Leader John Boehner: "That's right, congressional Democrats plan to 'stimulate' the economy by reducing options for patients and doctors."

[2] The Wall Street Journal: "Drug Makers Fight Stimulus Provision"

[3] Media Matters for America: "Limbaugh repeats health IT falsehood from Bloomberg "commentary" on House recovery bill"


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