28 February 2009

Angry Renters Petition: 32% rent, 33% own

All we hear these days is whining from reckless home borrowers and their banks.

But, did you know that mortgage holders represent 33 percent of American households, while renters comprise 32 percent of American households? And, that homes in foreclosure are less than 2 percent?

So, why is Congress rushing to bailout high-flying borrowers and their lenders with our tax dollars?

Unfortunately, renters aren't as good at politics as the small minority of homeowners (and their bankers) who are in trouble. We don't have lobbyists in Washington, DC. We don't get a tax deduction for our rent and we don't get sweetheart government loans.

Quite simply, we are just Angry Renters. And now it is our time to be heard: NO government bailouts!

Sign the Petition to Congress

WHEREAS: Most Americans rent or own their home outright, and the vast majority of homes (98%) are not in foreclosure.

WHEREAS: Both banks and borrowers should be responsible for their actions, and the government should not reward reckless behavior.

WHEREAS: It is wrong to force all taxpayers-- including renters who are already subsidizing home owners through the tax code-- to pay for additional bailouts for big banks and home flippers.

BE IT RESOLVED: That Congress should not pass any bailout programs that reward risky borrowing and lending. Let the free market sort it out!

Update: Ten Reasons to Oppose the Obama Housing Bailout

Update: FreedomWorks stands with Rick Santelli and wants to make this modern day taxpayer revolt a reality.

Will you join us? Click here to learn more.


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