09 October 2008

Term Limits: It’s OUR Decision!

Term Limits: It's OUR Decision!

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In 1993, New Yorkers overwhelmingly voted for terms limits -
two four-year terms for elected officials in New York City. In 1996, New Yorkers voted again to keep term limits, and keep them at just two terms.
No matter how you feel about term limits, one thing is clear: it's OUR decision, NOT the politicians. If they want to change term limits, it should be done the fair way, by asking the voters' permission.

But, a new bill introduced in the NY City Council would do just the opposite. The bill would ignore the voters and give politicians a third term (the same politicians who will vote on it).
City Hall needs to hear from you. If you're a New Yorker, please sign the petition and make your voice heard: http://itsourdecision.org/ .

You can also see where your Council member stands, see a term limits time line or tell a friend.
For more information please visit: http://www.partyheadquarters.org


Thanks for all you do!
Live your values. Love your country.
And, remember: TOGETHER, We can make a DIFFERENCE!

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