29 October 2008

Whose Your Maverick Now? 6 days left...

Dear Voter:

6 days. That's all the time we have. Just 6 days to alert undecided voters AND those who need motivation about how John McCain has voted with President Bush 90% of the time. 6 days to tell them about how he has smeared Barack Obama with malicious fear-mongering and race-baiting tactics. 6 days to stress how McCain's temper and his health record secrecy could pose national security risks. 6 days to point out that McCain overplays his POW card each time he's backed into a corner.
What are you going to do with the next 6 days? Each day, I'll be sharing a new Brave New Films videos outlining the real John McCain. Feel free to take the videos and send them - one for each day of the next 6 - to ALL the undecided voters you know and to ALL your friends in need of motivation. Send along a personal note that conveys the time-sensitive nature of these videos and tell them to keep spreading them to all the undecided voters they know. And, by all means, feel free to donate $7 to Brave New PAC so they can continue their efforts to create more hard-hitting videos. For donations, click here.

After TWO stolen elections and the hijacking of Our civil liberties...After eight years of the systematic shredding of Our Constitution...With
40 million Americans' uninsured and 20 million more under-insured...With 1.3 million homes in foreclosure...With what will be a 3 TRILLION dollar bailout using OUR money, the "anti-BIG GOVERNMENT" Republican party has privatized profits and socialized losses...With 9.5 million Americans' unemployed in the worst fiscal disaster since the Great Depression... With an outdated and broken system based on an incredibly shrinking and costly finite resource...With almost 5000 American soldiers dead in a war We were lied into...With a second ongoing war already being waged...With the systematic dumbing down of our children because We've allowed Our elected officials to revamp Our public education system that has left EVERY child behind...

WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH? If We allow another stolen election to occur, We're merely part of the PROBLEM and NOT part of the SOLUTION. Sign up to volunteer at a polling station to monitor the voting process...Send out these videos...Knock on doors to encourage people to vote! Whatever You do, DO SOMETHING!

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Thanks for all you do!
Live your values. Love your country.
And, remember: TOGETHER, We can make a DIFFERENCE!

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