17 November 2008

Last Chance to Voice Support for Extended Unemployment Benefits.

ALERT- Last Chance to Voice Support for Extended Unemployment Benefits!

November 17, 2008

Dear Friends,

The Senate is back in session this week to complete unfinished business from before the election. Top among that unfinished business is unemployment benefits. On October 3, 2008, the House of Representatives passed, by an overwhelming margin, a bill (H.R. 6867, Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2008) to extend unemployment benefits by an additional 7 weeks for workers in all states, and a further 13 weeks for workers in states with unemployment levels exceeding 6%. The Senate left town without doing the same. Now is your last chance to call your Senator and tell him/her you, your family member, your fellow Americans', need a further extension before the holidays. Too many have already been left in the cold already!

Please call 1-800-473-6711 and ask to speak with your Senators' offices. Tell them that unemployment is a national crisis and that you need them to pass the Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2008 to help all the hard working men and women who simply cannot find jobs during this recession. Citi group just made history by laying off 52,000 workers today in addition to laying off 20% of their worldwide workforce.

Please take action and call! The outpouring of constituent calls led the House to pass H.R. 6867 before it went into recess, and the pressure that constituents have brought to bear during the recess has brought us very close to passing the bill in the Senate, but America's workers need your voices to help make sure we have the breadth of support needed to carry the effort to success. A call to your Senator can help make a further extension a reality. Tell every one you know to call tomorrow!

Don't wait ! The Senate may only be in session through Wednesday, and the agenda is being set as We speak. Please call right away and let them know that they cannot leave town AGAIN without helping unemployed workers.

Thanks to you all, and thank you to our friends at the Coalition for Human Needs for allowing us to use their 800 number to allow you all to take action on this important matter. That number is 1-800-473-6711, so please call tomorrow!

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: National Employment Law Project


Thanks for all you do!
Live your values. Love your country.
And, remember: TOGETHER, We can make a DIFFERENCE!

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