12 May 2009

Out of Control Rents in NYC.

May 12, 2009.

Everybody's talking about the foreclosure crisis. Why aren't we hearing more talk about the rent crisis?

In New York City, rent has been going up at nearly double the rate of family incomes.1 The result? As rents skyrocket, more and more New Yorkers find they can no longer afford the neighborhood they call home.

But we can do something about it. It's time to speak out.
Add your voice to the call for genuine, specific legal changes that all tenants need.

The result of rapidly rising rents? Displacement of hundreds of thousands of residents from their own neighborhoods and an increasing share of the economic pie going to landlords and real estate investment companies.

Elected officials are definitely getting the message. Earlier today, elected officials and tenant leaders gathered on the steps of the Capitol in Albany to demand stronger rent laws2 so that you don't have to be a millionaire to continue living in the city. Add your voice to those of hundreds of others in demanding change.

Millions of New Yorkers from the city and suburbs have been losing out because of weak rent laws. Hundreds of WFP supporters have already signed our petition to Albany and written about how the rent crisis is affecting them: Jeanine wrote: "Manhattan should not be allowed to become a playground for the privileged."

It's fairly common for working families in New York to spend upwards of half their income in rent, like Rosa tells us: "We are already spending half of our salary in rent. If we pay more we are not going to be able to pay for food."

New York is an amazing place to live because of its diversity. We don't have to stand by and simply let landlords and 'the market' remove a major support system for middle- and working-class families.

Tell Albany - we support stronger rent laws that strengthen our economy.

Today marks the start of a campaign to pass stronger rent laws in Albany that will help keep people in their homes. A package of long-overdue reforms3 is now possible because the Republicans are no longer in control of the State Senate.

But with the landlords throwing money around to sabotage average New Yorkers, it's going to be a tough fight. Will you join us?

Take action here:


Thank you!

Charles Lenchner

Working Families Party

Sources: 1. According to a study by the Community Service Society, between 1996 and 2005, median market rents rose by 50%, while renter incomes only increased 31%. 2. See report on today's Albany action here: http://www.workingfamiliesparty.org/2009/05/push-for-stronger-rent-laws-kicks-off-in-albany/. 3. List of bills WFP is supporting can be seen here: http://www.workingfamiliesparty.org/2009/05/bills-in-support-of-tenants-and-affordable-housing/


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